"There was once Honor
amongst Thieves.
We’re bringing it back."


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code of honor:

Smuggle beautiful moments,
Steal the spotlight at all cost,
Swipe doubt and barriers away,
Take love and hold on tightly,
Risk it all because life favors the bold,
pillage where happiness hides
and take more than your fair share.

sneak kisses and glances
with the one you love.
ALWAYS protect your guild and the code.

When life feels so good but you feel no guilt,
when hours feel like stolen moments
you're living with the honor of thieves.

welcome to the den.

the whiskey

Den of Thieves is a whiskey that challenges the limitations of desire
and erases the guilt of ultimate pleasure.
Lead with your senses and your mind will follow.

straight bourbon

the bourbon

Den of thieves straight bourbon is everything that you are looking for in a premium bourbon. It's matured in charred oak barrels giving it hints of smokiness and a sweet nutty finished with high notes of a vanilla, caramel finish. perfect for special times, any time and EVERY time.

the ginger vanilla

Den of thieves vanilla ginger is a premium bourbon infused with natural vanilla and hints of ginger. This makes it the perfect spirit to drink neat, on the rocks or used to shake up your standard whiskey based cocktail. Try it with ginger ale and a twist of lime.


the chocolate

Den of thieves Chocolate whiskey is a premium bourbon that turned up the notes of Cacoa, smokey oakiness and hints of dark roasted vanilla coffee. This gives the spirit a unique versitility to please social drinkers and whiskey connoisseurs alike. replace you old whiskey and try it in an old fashion. it's guaranteed to steal a space in your collection as a favorite and go to drink.

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